Pirates Ahoy!



This week, we are writing adventure stories involving Captain James Cook and pirates. This morning, we looked at setting descriptions involving pirate ships, using this picture and another one as a starting point – here are some of our efforts.


Have fun,

Mrs Harper

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  1. Shelby T Says:

    The violent waves crashed against the large,black ship. Dark clouds hovered above the choppy sea; the whole sky was lit up by the sharp bolts of lightning, which flashed like a torch running out of batteries. The ship’s devilish flag swayed from side to side like a tree in a winter storm and and the sails waved frantically like lost souls.

  2. Amaan Z Says:

    The gloomy ship sailed towards the ruined castle, a wave slapped the hull of the ship. The inhumane cheers coming from the ship were like swords scraping a wall. The castle stared at the ship waiting to engulf it. Before the ship arrived, it hit a rock and sunk like the Titanic. The demons above laughed evilly and the ship was never to be seen again. As quick as lightning, the weather returned to normal but the castle was still active; many other ships perished in this manner, the pirate’s spectral laughter can still be heard under the ghostly gallows.

  3. GRACE Says:

    The aggressive waves crashed against the side of the boat as the haunted ship pulled up to Treasure Island. Like a tiger ready to pounce, the crew of 100 men creeped out of the boat and followed the path to the deep, dark jungle. The pirates trekked forever but peg-leg Jack tired easily as of his very thin peg-leg. He tried incredibly hard to keep up; he ended up lagging behind. As he wandered on he noticed the treasure…

  4. Abigail W Says:

    The pirate ship
    The angry waves crashed against the tall, black ship; the cliffs were closing in and were crumbling. The clouds sailed the dark sky and hid the moon. The sky was as black as a pirate’s soul. A ghostly castle stood in the background, the skull stared straight at you. The devilish flag swayed side to side as the boat tipped out of balance. A wind was howling like a wolf and blew everything out of its way. Making very little progress, the pirates were attempting to sail towards the castle. The wood on the bottom of the ship was chipping away and the boat was starting to flood. The bottom of the ship sunk just like the Titanic but the waves changed and were hurling the ship towards land. The pirates cheered but stopped because they knew that there was no way home as the ship had gone…

  5. Ram Says:

    Almost as big as a megaledon, the huge, wooden pirate ship crashed furiously through the angry waves. Lightning shot down as fast as a shark hunting down its prey; the thunderclouds were as dark as Satan’s soul. Like a queen’s guard, the ghostly castle stood stationary.

  6. Taylor C Says:

    The violent, black skies raged with fury. As the large ship soared across the seas like an albatross, thunder bolted and struck the waves crashing upon the jagged rocks. While the evil flag waved at the seas, the deep, black clouds hovered above.The choppy seas clashed and smashed against the frantic, lost hearts and souls of the seas. As the skies rumbled yet again, the grand ship pulled its sails as it, again, rocked side to side throwing and making the passengers(pirates)scream aloud. Seeking the scene, in the background, the tall, devilish castle lurked, battered by the fierce seas.

  7. Andre D Says:

    The deadly ship crashed through the dark trying to catch a glimpse of the moonlight. The never-ending night was as long as a snake. The wind howled multiple times making the ship sway from side to side. When the pirates were away, the prisoners would play. One prisoner, Joe, was trying to escape from the strong ropes. The pirates were just about to eat their dinner when the captain got a large piece of soap for dinner instead of his massive serving of sugar. in horror he threw it on the floor which made the cook fall over. In the end, the soap slid down on the floor right next to Joe. Finally! He could escape and meet his family. Could this be his big chance…….

  8. Charlie W Says:

    The moon glowed with a green tint whilst the sky flashed rapidly
    and the demonic looking flag waved like a tree waving in a winter storm.

  9. arronkrn Says:

    The ship pulled in as smooth as a dolphin’s skin, jerking at an instance at the harbour’s end. Shouts came from deck. “Mend the sails, clean the decks!” The captain came out of hiding, his scream was as loud as a lion’s roar. Everything went quiet. Everyone was quiet.

  10. Shelby T Says:

    I changed a few things in my story and added a bit more. Here it is …

    The violent waves crashed against the large, black ship. Dark clouds hovered above the choppy sea; the endless sky was illuminated by sharp bolts of lightning, which flashed like a torch running out of batteries. The ship’s devilish flag swayed from side to side like a tree in a winter storm and the sails waved frantically like lost souls.
    Asleep, Captain Devileye fell out of his bed and landed on the floor with a loud …. BAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGG! His trusty helper (Nutty) awoke and an ear-piercing screech ripped through the icy silence.
    “Captain, it’s the worst storm,” he shouted, waking up Devileye.“Why did you leave the wheel Captain? How long has nobody been steerin’ fo’? Captain you could ‘av killed us! Don’t you understan’ ??
    “Oh no. What a terrible storm. I was so tired. I fell asleep. How foolish of me! You have every right to be mad at me. Nutty I’m so sorry!” Captain Devileye whined.

  11. James L Says:

    A storm erupted on the north side of the Atlantic Ocean. The grand ship started to become embedded by great masses of green liquid. The ship (that had surprisingly not been sunk yet ) was being thrown in all directions. The crew of this wreck were extra hard for the cleaner – sea pheasant – by throwing up on deck. “ What de flip be wrang wid ya mate?” he growled at the next pirate; little did he know it was the captain.
    “Well who da we hav’ err?” he replied “ well if it ait be ol sea pheasant; whut shall we do wi’ you”
    “’Ey boss, maybe lil sharkies hung’y?” suggested his second in command.
    “Let’s go ‘n see!”
    Seconds later, he was thrown over board and eaten by a shark before he hit the water.
    “He wer’ nev’r a goodmop man anyway” spat the captain.

  12. Taylor C Says:

    His gleaming red eyes bulged in the night sky; the moon was being cradled by the few clouds in the sky. His cunning smile was plastered across his grimy face. As his beard hung between his straight, devious face, the trees swayed vigorously. His crooked, old leg balanced on an angle upon the rocky floor while his blood-smothered hook glistened in the moonlight; his few grimacing, crooked teeth hung between his dry, chapped lips. His curly hair was like an ancient bird’s nest. As the wind swayed, his deep, black cloak billowed like the leaves of a tree. His smooth, leather boots clickety clacked on the bumpy floor. As the stars twinkled in the mystical sky, the clouds waddled across the sky.

  13. THOMAS Says:

    The wooden leg echoed through out the gloomy cave; his navy-blue tailcoat swayed spookily in the wind. The dire curved sword sat in a coal black belt along with its friend a bronze, sinister pistol. The pirate was also holding a silver lantern that was swallowed by the eerie darkness, but, instead of a hand, on the other arm was a blood-stained hook. The greasy, black beard hid brown, broken teeth and a long scar across one eye.

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