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Hello everyone,

In Y6, we have started the term reading Dracula and are planning a great variety of writing based on gothic horror stories. In Writers’ Club, we have also been writing some creepy setting descriptions. Here is mine and I look forward to you posting your contributions as well.

The Arrival

It was late afternoon. The air grew thick and a dark bank of clouds hung heavy over the nearby hills as a huge storm front swept in from the coast. A low rumble of thunder rolled menacingly overhead  and the sharp tang of lightning within the clouds raised the hairs on the back of the watcher’s neck. As he waited, a large coach drawn by four jet-black horses rumbled slowly up the steep track towards him. An ebony-cloaked coachman brandished his whip as the horses strained and panted with their heavy burden. An endless moment later, the coach had passed and the lonely watcher only gained a glimpse of a silhouetted figure topped by blurred white features as it gazed from the narrow window.

At the top of the hill lurked a derelict stone castle, its curved towers pointing skywards and its blank-eyed windows gazing incuriously at the surrounding countryside. A huge rusted iron door swung heavily aside as the coach approached and uniformed footmen could be seen scurrying into place within a shaded cobbled courtyard. The horses drew to a steaming halt, the door to the coach opened and a tall shadow emerged silently from within. The footmen bowed deeply – noses almost touching their knees – as he swept past them and into the castle. He was greeted by an ancient butler, holding up a flickering lamp.


Anyway, have fun writing.

Mrs Harper

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  1. Jessica F Says:

    In writer’s club, we are writing GOTHIC STORIES; I am really enjoying mine. Here is my start! Hope you enjoy!

    The wind howled like a wolf in pain, making the silence inside the abbey seem so eerie. A large rat scuttled between the crooked, worn away gravestones being hugged by mist; they spiked out of the abbey’s grounds like razor teeth. The broken battlements of the abbey etched against the moonlit sky of Whitby… The walls were festooned with cobwebs like silent phantoms. Towering over the choppy, harsh sea, the spectacular views of the craggy mountains astonished the day to day passers. Especially one… Swooping round the cliff edge the path lay untouched by human feet. Until one stormy night! Like a ship on a stormy sea, the carriage swung around the corner – signs speared on the wall warning of unimaginable danger! The savage event of World War 2 had ruined the castle and now it was the exact replica of hell.

  2. EDWARD R Says:

    Deep In the forest the sun was rising slowly over the trees and something deep in the earth was awaking. According to an ancient prophecy when it finally stands on the surface all the evil in the world shall be released…
    Tal sat on the top of his house, swinging his legs over the edge of his flat over what seemed like a bottomless fall leading only to death, he knew this as he had fallen of the roof one time and sustained sum severe injuries to his now very wonky leg. His parents still did fear of him falling off the edge in a probably fatal injury; but he did it anyway.
    Later that afternoon he got a letter from a stranger at the door, but it somehow had TAL in big letters and was written in French, the language of the country that he had grown up in. In faded green ink , it said, Aller à la foret, aller à la foresterie. Which meant: go to the forest Tal, go to the forest…

  3. Ellis T Says:

    On the edge of the horizon, the sun rose like a zombie rising from the death of the world. The clouds opened up like somebody checking if anybody was around when they are playing hide and seek. Up above you could hear the storm brewing up. It was dark, gloomy and silent.
    In the silent they was snapping and crunching of people breaking their fingers. Then the loud bark that echo through the woods. Him and his dog then came to the end were the ruined vast castle. It looked like it had not been seen for ages.
    Nobody knew but they was a story behind the once ago lovely castle…

    This is the beginning of my horror story.

  4. Jessie P Says:

    Writer’s group have been writing stories on Dracula – here is mine. Hope you enjoy my version.
    Silence spread, as the wind howled like a wolf at midnight. The moon shone brightly like a beacon of radiant lights as the grey clouds cuddled together creating a thick blanket of mist. Tall menacing trees patrolled the night sky as the decrepit old castle stood stationary at the top of the jagged mountain that engulfed the tip of the forest.
    Recently, many people have been exploring the Ackelwood forest investigating the disappearance of three boys in their teens. Manny was one of those explorers, a thrill-seeker some might say. People gossiped that the disappearance were the doing of the highly-feared ferocious Dracula. Legend has it that the whereabouts of this mysterious creature is still unknown and that it is still active – hunting for its next unsuspecting weak victim.
    Early this morning, Manny and his sister Annie received a petrifying letter.
    Dear young man,
    Last night, I sadly witnessed your poor brother Joe being murdered by a man with red gleaming eyes, a black jacket made of silken cloth and pale skin with sharp daggers pointing out like a rabbit’s ears. It would make my day if you and your sister Annie would care to accompany me to hold a memorial at my residence at the top of the Ackelwood Hill. Look forward to meeting you in the flesh and blood.
    After reading this letter, they decided they would go. Suddenly, their petrified father came pelting in after hearing what this terrible letter said. He ordered they must not go and at the dead of night they disobeyed their father’s strict orders and boarded the small, cramped carriage that was taking them to their destination. The journey went actually quite swiftly and before they knew it, they had arrived at a huge castle. They slowly approached this marvellous building as the door swung open and to their surprise a tall pale figure stood and spoke gently.
    “Absolutely delighted you made it.”
    He picked up the children’s bags as they stepped foot into his old castle coated in moss and embedded in thick cob webs owned by vicious little spiders. They were shown to their rooms and eventually were called down for a delightful meal – there was a succulent chicken and crunchy golden-brown vegetables. It was heaven and beyond!
    But sadly the aftermath wasn’t as great as it started!

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